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State Office

Samantha Wigand.png

Samantha Wigand

Chief Executive Officer

Tiffany Gilliam_2.png

Tiffany Gilliam

Program Manager
West TN

Milicent Fritts.png

Milicent Fritts

Program Manager
East TN

Tarryn Bell.png

Tarryn Bell

Chief Operations Officer

Tremonisha West.png

Tremonisha West

Program Manager
Middle TN

Tiffany Patton new.png

Tiffany Patton

Chief Program Officer



Program Manager

Leah Susi_green.png

Leah Susi

Chief Development Officer

Penny Howard.png

Penny Howard

Program Manager

Michelle Fletcher

Development & Communications

Michelle Schwartz.png

Arianna Jain

Data Specialist

Arianna Jain.jpg

Rikitta Dews

Operations + Site Coordinator Substitute

Rikitta Dews.png
Nash SC

Nashville Site Coordinators

Allison Simpson.png

Allison Simpson

Amqui Elementary

Bonnie Adams_blue.png

Bonnie Adams

Tom Joy Elementary

Jasmine DeJean.png

Jasmine DeJean

KIPP Nashville College Prep

Allison Durham.png

Allison Durham

Apollo Middle

Abby Conner_orange.png

Abby Conner

Paragon Mills Elementary

Karimah Miller.png

Karimah Taylor

Warner Arts Elementary

Kelley Williams.png

Kelley Williams

Goodlettsville Middle

James Gibson_orange.png

James Gibson

Bellshire Design Center

Erene’ Bell.png

Erene' Bell

Madison Middle

Heather McCall.jpg
Ivory Davis.jpg

Heather McCall

KIPP Academy Nashville

Ivory Davis

KIPP Collegiate High School

Sarah Brock

Cumberland Elementary

Sarah Brock.png
Monique Thompson.png

Monique Thompson

Ida B. Wells Elementary

Rural SC

Rural Site Coordinators

Terrell Beene.png

Terrell Beene

Adamsville Senior High

Misty York.png

Misty York

Clarkrange High

Dawn Williams_2.png

Dawn Williams

Cosby High

Brandon Bartell.png

Brandon Bartell

Lake County High

Chad Marcum.png

Chad Marcum

Scott High

Lisa Roysdon.png

Lisa Roysdon

Alvin C. York Institute

Tish Marcom.png

Tish Plumlee

Clay County High

Tania Ward.png

Tania Ward

Halls High

Amy Rhymer.png

Amy Rhymer

McNairy Central High

Courtney Boido.png

Courtney Boido

Sunbright School

Kesha Webb.png

Kesha Webb

Bledsoe County High

Kalea Derry.png

Kalea Derry

Coalfield School

Lindsey Gibson.png

Lindsey Gibson

Hancock County High

Monterrio Williams.png

Monterrio Williams

Middleton High

Allison Dodson.png

Allison Dodson

Van Buren County High

Sherry Hoyle.png

Sherry Hoyle

Bolivar Central High

Julie Reichert.png

Julie Reichert

Cocke County High

Jennifer Fields.png

Jennifer Fields

Jackson County High

Tequilla Nance_NEW.png

Tequilla Nance

Ripley High

Mandi Jonquet.png

Mandi Jonquet

Wartburg Central High

Sara Brown.jpg

Sara Brown

Grundy County High School

Cameron Buse.jpg

Cameron Bruse

Oakdale School


Lakenia Jones

Whiteville Elementary

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