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How Alexis Got Her Smile Back

Alexis started missing school in 2020 after her great grandmother got custody of her and she became the nighttime caretaker for her great grandfather, who was very sick. Her attendance and mental health quickly went downhill. She was ultimately referred to Mandi, the CIS-TN site coordinator at Wartburg Central High School.

Alexis was very shy and reserved, but after weeks of just saying “good morning,” Mandi started to gain Alexis’s trust, and built a relationship with her family as she learned more about the barriers that prevented Alexis from attending school. Mandi and Alexis met several times per week, and Mandi worked with her great grandparents so Alexis would be able to be at school more regularly and eventually connected her with counseling services. And when the first counselor wasn’t a good match, Alexis and Mandi worked together to find a better fit. Over time, Alexis’s attendance and mental health has improved, and her smile returned. Alexis average daily attendance is 95% and continues to make positive strides daily and is making plans for after she graduates.

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