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The supports an individual student receives from family, community, and school can make all the difference when vulnerable young people are faced with life’s pressures.

With your support, we can help more students navigate their high school years and prepare for a bright future. We hope you’ll take a minute to read and share their stories and consider making a gift today.

You can hear more from and about some of our graduating seniors below in our Senior Spotlights.



dakota headshot.png
"If CIS hadn’t stepped in, I truly don’t know what life would look like, or if I'd even be here today."
-Danielle, CIS senior student

“Having Mr. Chad with me all four years has been a game-changer. He knows when I need support, and when I need accountability."

-Ethan, CIS senior student

Dantez headshot.png

"Mr. Monterrio was the one who always showed up for me."

-Derrick, CIS senior student

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