PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: MLK Prep Attends AT&T’s Aspire Mentor Academy

January 20, 2017


January is National Mentoring Month! According to MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, one in three young people in America is growing up without a mentor in his or her life. Thanks to a partnership between Communities In Schools and AT&T’s Aspire Mentor Academy, students at several of the high schools served by Communities In Schools of Tennessee at Memphis have the opportunity to be mentored by a group of professionals to teach them about interview skills, resume building and the wide array of potential jobs offered through AT&T.


In the Fall of 2012, AT&T set a goal to mentor students for 1 million hours by the end of 2016. Not only did they reach this goal – but they reached it nearly one year early! Last month, students at MLK Prep had the chance to be among those mentored students and to visit some of the AT&T employees at our local call center. From the second students exited the bus and stepped into the building, they were greeted with enthusiasm and support as employees lined the halls to cheer and give high fives. After some opening remarks from program leaders, students were divided up into several small groups to begin their tours, making stops in various rooms to learn about interview skills and job opportunities, shadow some current employees and reflect on the hazards of texting
and driving. Once presentations were given, there was excellent conversation among students and mentors as they asked each other questions and reflected on what they have learned so far. Students were encouraged to talk not only about their dreams and aspirations, but also about their plans to get there and what they were doing today to ensure they were on track to achieve their goals.


The day ended as it began with cheers and motivation from AT&T staff, prizes for students who exhibited stellar work in their small groups, and a group of inspired students getting back on the bus to head back to school. CISTN Memphis is grateful for our partnership with Aspire Mentor Academy and excited to continue our work with AT&T in the Spring to close the mentoring gap and help students succeed both in school and beyond.

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