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How a handicap ramp helped Marley graduate early

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

After her mother had an emergency amputation, Marley* was thrown into the role of caregiver. Responsibilities at home caused her attendance to become sporadic and when she did go to school she was unable to focus. She constantly worried about her mother and if she would fall down the stairs while she was away at school. The school referred Marley to CIS coordinator, Holly, who asked her what could be done to help her improve her attendance. Marley told Holly having a handicap ramp at her house would give her some peace of mind so she could focus in the classroom. Holly immediately began reaching out to school staff and was able to make a connection to a local church with a handyman ministry. A teacher generously donated the funds for the materials and the handyman ministry built the ramp.

Because of the ramp, Marley was able to attend school without worrying about her mother at home. She entered the school’s Graduation Alternative Program and graduated early. She is now cleaning cabins to help support her family and saving to create a life of her own.

*Student's name has been changed to protect identity.

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