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“CIS Aligns with My Passion to Serve Youth”

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

July 11, 2023

Meet Tarryn Bell, our COO and interim CEO! A passionate advocate for our mission, we are honored to have Tarryn take on this new challenge and continue driving positive change while we finalize the search for our new CEO. From her favorite food to the story of a transformational teacher she had growing up, learn more about Tarryn in this Q&A:

What drew you to CIS? CIS aligns with my passion to serve the youth, eradicating barriers and ensuring each student reaches their highest potential. CIS is a unique organization filled with like-minded individuals who are doing transformational work every day for our students across the state. I appreciate the CIS Model and believe it is an effective way to ensure our youth are receiving the essential resources/services to ensure present and future achievement.

Favorite class in school growing up? Spanish! While I am not a fluent Spanish speaker, my teacher was excellent. She was more than just an educator. She went above and beyond to ensure that each of her students felt supported and exceeded academically and personally; beyond her high school classroom.

Best thing about summer? Beach getaways.

Favorite pastime?

Traveling and writing.

Favorite food? Mexican.

Meet the rest of the CIS-TN team and our Board of Directors.

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