Allison's Story

Our site coordinators are committed to working with students to overcome whatever barrier could prevent them from staying in school. When Allison* became pregnant her senior year, she was determined to stay in school, but she knew she needed help if she wanted to graduate on time with her classmates. Allison began working with the CIS coordinator and her school and together they worked to create a plan for her to complete her coursework before the baby’s arrival.

Allison put in the hard work all semester to stay on track and keep up with her virtual learning. In addition to that, our coordinator helped Allison prepare for motherhood by providing guidance, emotional support, maternity clothes and the hygiene items that she needed. We are proud to share that Allison finished her coursework in December of 2020 before giving birth to her baby girl and in May of 2021 Allison celebrated her success and hard work with her classmates as they walked across the stage at graduation.

Students, like Allison, face obstacles every day that prevent them from graduating. By surrounding students with a site coordinator and community of support we are able to empower them to stay in school and achieve in life. We are proud of Allison’s resilience and dedication in the midst of challenges to stay in school and be committed to her education. Today, Allison is enrolled in college and working toward an Associate of Science Degree.

*Student's name has been changed to protect identity.

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